We are losing upwards of 80,000 acres of tropical rainforest daily, and significantly degrading another 80,000 acres every day on top of that. Along with this loss and degradation, we are losing some 135 plant, animal and insect species every day—or some 50,000 species a year—as the forests fall.


WHat we do

The Rainforest Project is an Australian charity that supports partner charities to:

  •  Purchase and protect rainforest land.
  • Rescue and rehabilitate endangered wildlife
  •  Restore rainforest ecosystems

We identify high priority rainforest conservation projects and align the people, projects and funding. 

Our vision 


The preservation of the Earth’s rainforests and their great diversity of life


Our Mission

To inspire, motivate and align all contributors to rainforest conservation in an efficient and successful movement to preserve endangered species, end deforestation and degradation and restore rainforest ecosystems.


Our Values

 We are collaborative and supportive of other conservation organisations. We are cost efficient, transparent and accountable to our donors, supporters and partners. We are nonviolent and respectful of each other’s rights including those of non-human species.


What We've Achieved


  • We have supported our partners plant over 1 Million rainforest trees in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Australia.
  • We are working to help enhance habitat on 15% of the remaining rainforest in Sri Lanka. 
  • We have helped partners raise funds for essential reforestation projects in the Leuser Ecosystem, Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • In 2016 we have funded southern cassowary conservation research in the Daintree.
  • We have supported our Australian partners improve their impacts though improved fundraising systems.
  • We have provided over 1000 hours of Pro-bono support to improving partner charity administration and performance.
  • We have completed a study on illegal wildlife trade in Sumatra with The Orangutan Information Center Indonesia