Managing existing rainforests to reduce negative impacts of illegal logging, land clearing and illegal wildlife trade. The Rainforest Project  has identified that  poorly managed forest systems are vulnerable to exploitation. We work with in country partners to support and capacity build civil society monitoring and enforcement.

In the Leuser ecosystem we have provided local partners both training and equipment to enhance forest patrols. While this will improve existing enforcement and patrolling, we are supporting our partner the Orangutan Information Centre to increase patrol units and their capacity.


Help Protect the Last Place on Earth : Leuser ecosystem.

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Protecting wild life 

OIC forest patrol units monitor 200,000ha of protected forest to stop poachers and wildlife crime. TRP and  partners have supplied monitoring devices and  provided capacity building and training in 2018 for these patrol teams.

orngutan rescue.png


Patrol rangers have to rescue biodiversity that may have been damaged, trapped or injured in the forest.



Monitoring is essential to pre-identify migratory paths of species, survey population and understand animal behaviour. Patrol Team regularly set camera traps to gain deeper knowledge of ecosystem health.