Current CAMPAIGN - Victoria,Australia

Protect the Basin forest WTREE, Victoria


 W Tree lies on the western side of the Snowy River, just north of Buchan and is a place of wild mountains, the deepest gorge in Victoria (Little River Gorge), crossover cool and warm temperate rainforest gullies and an incredible diversity of vegetation classes from cool Montane wet forest to dry heathy scrub and everything in between.

The Rainforest Project is supporting members of the W Tree Promotion and Progress Association, working in conjunction with the Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) as Citizen Scientists to identify and record rare and threatened species, vegetation types and other ecosystem values that can protect areas of forest under existing legislation. 


There are currently several coupes proposed in our immediate area, an area that has been heavily logged for the last hundred years or more and has minimal remaining stands of quality habitat for iconic forest dwelling species such as the Greater and Yellow Bellied Gliders, Powerful Owl and Long Footed Potoroo.


With the help of GECO and the loan of some equipment we managed to carry out some surveying in these coupes and quickly discovered their potential as significant sites of high ecological value.  After three days and nights surveying we found Greater Gliders and a Powerful and Sooty Owl and an epiphytic orchid that may be the regionally rare Orange Blossom Orchid but we won’t know until it flowers! We currently have 5 cameras spread over two of the coupes looking for Long footed Potoroo and Spot Tailed Quoll.

So we really need to keep looking to find enough data to stop this logging before it’s too late. Especially as these coupes could preserve vital habitat and ecologically significant flora and fauna within a largely damaged and fire fragmented landscape.

Help us support our friends at W-Tree, save Victoria's rainforest habitat from destruction. 

warm temperate rainforest.JPG

Temperate rainforest under threat from logging, Wtree, Victoria