Current CAMPAIGN- Queensland, Australia

Plant a tree for a Cassowary!


With over 2,885,000 hectares of rainforest, Queensland is the only place in the world with all five climatic types of rainforest.

North Queensland’s Wet Tropics were listed as a World Heritage Area in 1988.

The Wet Tropics region, which includes the Daintree, contains the oldest continually surviving tropical rainforest on earth.

The Wet Tropics region is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, 12 of the19 ancient flowering plant families in the world are found here. On average there are 120 different species of tree in just one hectare.

Large areas of the Wet Tropics region are still privately owned and unprotected, especially lowland tropical rainforest.

Species found in this Ecosystem such as the Southern Cassowary are threatened and vulnerable.





The unique Daintree ecosystem is under threat from bad development choices and much of the buffer zone protecting habitat has been denuded.

The Rainforest Project and partners in The Atherton Ranges, Queenland are working towards enhancing Cassowary habitat. We aim to do this by restoring cassowary country and introduction of Cassowary trees food plants.


Family walkabout.jpeg

Cassowary Family Daintree Ecosystem


This flightless bird is a key stone species vital for seed dispersal in the rainforest. It occurs in North Queensland’s Wet Tropics region and the Cape York Peninsula.