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Rainforest biodiversity is paying for our choices and time is running out.

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If current trends continue rainforest ecosystems are expected to disappear in our lifetimes. Over 160,000Ha of rainforest are being lost or degraded every single day. Each day 10 unique rainforest species go extinct never to be seen again. Join us to make a change.




Historically small communities adjacent to forest ecosystems have harvested resources from the rainforest in a balanced manner. However Industrial agriculture has changed this relationship. We support these communities to switch to more sustainable income opportunities.                       Read More →

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Extinction rates are the highest ever! Over 10 species are estimated to be going extinct every day. Habitat loss and degradation due to forest felling and agriculture are the main culprits. Restoration of degraded sites are the only way forward for us to adequately conserve these species. 

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Protected areas around the globe are under threat from illegal logging, land encroachment and exotic wildlife trade. We work to improve on ground protection by enhancing monitoring effort and land buyback to create buffer zones.

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We cannot save the world on our own! Our partners work in 4 continents and work with us to save precious old growth forest. We support our partners through access to resources, fundraising and technical support

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Restoring lost habitat for orangutan, Elephant, Tiger Leopard and Rhinoceros.  


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